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Make your smartphone, smarter with the kwikichat. Actually, Kwikichat is used in corporate for sellers and buyers. Conversation with a customer is much need, as a seller, you have to be careful for quick connect. It increases sales, repeat sales and loyalty than the application is ready to serve certain things.

Application of Kwikichat is the, you can roam free with the application and can connect with the worldwide clients. It creates an instant connection after getting the lead or visit by a customer. With a simple “click connect” button you can connect with the client.

American Marketing Association report as the conversion rate is increased by 20%. And customers are more engaging with software and buying is increased like 3 times more.

Let’s see quick Features of Kwikichat:

1. Listing: Make a list of visitors and add themselves to your list. List building is important to create a strong customer/clients chain.
2. Form Request: if you are not available than visitor will drop a form request which is important as a reminder.
3. Move: You can move customers/visitors to another operator. If you have enough customer online then transfer line them on another way.
4. Instant Messaging: When buyers are interested in the product than they can drop direct messages on your devices.
5. Line Switching: visitors are able to easily switch while online. If they are on text message line then they can connect on the 2-way, live and voice messaging.
6. Video Switching: Easily switching from text to video and simple video interactive audio call.
7. Notes: Important reference link, common frequent questions and answer can be store and you can send them on a visitors end.

Additionally, Kwikichat covers three or more numbers of websites, three or number of operators, Ad-free, Supports, Add-ons and Upgrades. All are these services are available in just $27 per month. Go and grab a Kwikichat and increase a customer/clients/visitors of your business.

KwikiChat 15% OFF discount code

[15% OFF] KwikiChat discount coupon code

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