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We can’t say a particular hotel management software but yes it is semi-hotel management software. It manages your restaurant activities, so your half of the work can be done with the DigiDine. It observes selective user behavior and then makes an efficient system. It improves the functioning of your restaurant.

The application is integrated with Artificial intelligence. So, you can know your customer personally and over-analysis you will predict the result. Food application is also integrated with GST filling, reports and order will be generated automatically.

Features of DigiDine:

1. Easy Setup: Setup your restaurant menu with ease with Digital Menu. The app allows the owner to update special of the span, discount and varied menu with just a few clicks.
2. User-Friendly: Digital Menu is compatible with tablet and iPhone and Android smartphone. With the backend control system as an owner handle it.
3. Affordable: For all type of restaurant it is affordable. It is a pricing system and you have to pay for it with app get the hardware accessories.
4. Scalable: Customize the option on availability, based on different places, update the menu as per requirement.
5. Custom Changes: you can change in the application like themes, menu templates. Based on your type of business in short, on various type of restaurant.
6. Integration: with a payment system, you can integrate with the Payment, POS and CRM systems. Make your Business operation smoother with it.
7. Analysis: generate a report for tracking sales, billing, payment and feedback. This analysis is made great result in business.

Actually, it is an Android and iOS Application you can find in respective store play store and app store. DigiDine is divided into three category which is Lite, Basic and Advances. It is first GST calculation compatible software. It is efficiently doing billing with the best quality. It provides customer support for using its application in a better way.

DigiDine 15% OFF coupon code

DigiDine 15% OFF coupon code

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