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Change in any hardware setup in your laptop or desktop then you have to need to recover all files and installed program, settings, documents, games and browser. So, these important data needs to move in the new disk. It is cosy as well as time-consuming process. FlashBoot is a replacement of these process and it saves your time to do recover data.

What is FlashBoot?

FlashBoot is a tool which creates an installable Clone for your windows operating system. It supports Windows 7, 8.x and 10 with all your apps and data. It transfers data one to another in a couple of minutes, with use of USB drives or HDD move data instantly.

FlashBoot is support driver integration in windows. It gives you packaged driver pack also. In case of any data costliest virus or ransomware attack, loss or theft laptop, hard drive crashes, windows update failure, in FlashBoot you can store the entire OS and installed programs and restore when it needs.

Features of FlashBoot:
1. Installable clone: In thumb drive USB you can create an installable clone for your installed data. Transfer data in quicks with this clone.
2. Bootable clone: for windows 8.1/10 you can create a bootable clone in thumb drive USB. With bootable, you can directly install an OS in your system.
3. OS Updates: Install Windows 7 to your new laptop or new PC. Update windows With FlashBoot in your new system.
4. Driver Package: FlashBoot is packed with a driver. Install full features windows OS 8, 8.1 and 10 with the USB thumb drive.
5. Image file: create image files to restore data. Save and restore the image file to your thumb drive.
6. Convertible: Convert Windows XP or BartPE to a bootable USB thumb drive.

The free edition of FlashBoot is creating Bootable clone and Installable clone. Pro edition of FlashBoot is available in $29.95. Which gives you full support feature in your PC. Use FlashBoot and stay safe with your digital data.

FlashBoot Pro 10% OFF coupon code

FlashBoot Pro 10% OFF coupon code

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