How to Stream Video on iPhone or iPad from Any Home Computer Wirelessly

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With the popularity of smartphones more and more people are used to watching video on their mobile phones. But smartphone has limited storage space. What if you can use smartphone to play videos saved in your computers? Yes, you can set up a home media server to help you play this trick.

The solution is helpful for these kinds of person:

  • The ones who own several smartphones and tablets, and you want to watch the same video on different devices anytime you want.
  • The ones who like downloading high-quality video, some high-quality blu-ray movies can occupy tens of GB space, save it in mobile device is not a good choice.
  • The ones who save a lot of memorial videos and likes to watch them in spare time.

For me, I am the first one. I save all my movies on my computer, and would watch them on my iPhone, iPad and a Kindle Fire tablet. In other words, my computer is my home media server.

What’s more, my family and my friends, as long as they connect my home’s WiFi network, they can also enjoy the movies saved in my computer.

How to Stream Video on iPhone or iPad from Any Home Computer Wirelessly

Below is how can we do this, let’s go through the steps:

Step-1: For iPhone and iPad. Open AppStore in iPhone and iPad and search “ArkMC” application (direct link). Go through the search result and download the application. The installation process is started when you hit the Install button. This app also provides Android version.

Step-2: Open installed the app from its icons which shows in iPhone and iPad home page

Step-3: App will open and it shows various media servers. Below the list of the server are there in the app.

  • Arkuda DMS on Silver iPad
  • Arkuda DS
  • Logitech Media Server
  • Plex Media Server: Arkuda Server
  • Plex Media Server: Windows PC Plex Server
  • Windows PC: Desktop PC

Step-4: Select Windows PC server, which shows local PC storage and system configuration. Check there for your remote PC configuration. If you have a mac computer, the same developer provides a Mac home media server software, which allows you stream any media from your Mac to any receiver, including smart TV, tablets, smartphones, etc..

Step-5: Go back into a Media Server List and Open ArkudaDS server.

  • Where you can see storage files i.e. Music, Photo and Video folders are there
  • Choose the appropriate folder where videos are stored.
  • Touch on the video folder icon and it shows all stored videos folder.
  • Select the appropriate video folder from it.

Step-6: Touch on the video file and select “Play on Server iPad” and video will start in the inbuilt video player.

Step-7: While playing the video you can see four various options at the bottom right of the player.

arkmc features

Following options you can see there:

  • Share icon: if you want to share a link to other than various sharing platforms are there e.g. WhatsApp
  • Send to renderer: it is an alternative of the cast, with renderer you can render a video on a big screen.
  • Audio and Subtitle: Audio setting for your current playing video, in subtitle, you can select different language subtitle.
  • Setting: Want to change an aspect ratio with different screen resolution. Various Buttons you can customize it. Video gesture for pause, play, forward, backward and stop.

IINA The Best Modern Video Player App for MacOS

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Many developers are working hard to enhance macOS’ productivity, but it’s rare to see apps that focus on basic needs. Take video players for example, the good-looking ones always have fewer features and ugly ones always work well. Until the birth of IINA, a free and open source app, proves that you can have your cake and eat it.

On the last day of 2018, IINA finally got its first official release after nearly two years of public testing. Let’s take a quick look at what has changed over this article.

Brand-new Design

In macOS Mojave, Apple added native dark mode. IINA, written entirely by Swift, naturally won’t ignore this, it provides both bright/dark modes and switches automatically according to the settings of system. You can also customize the location of the playback control bar and the buttons shown on the toolbar to make IINA fit your operating habits.

Brand-new Design

Besides playing videos, IINA is also a beautiful and powerful music player. IINA offers both full-window and mini-window views, and you can choose whether to show album covers and control progress with notification center widgets. IINA also includes support for Bluetooth earbuds such as AirPods that allow you to enjoy music without touching your computer.

In addition, the preference setting interface has been redesigned to be more intuitive and all the options can be clearly seen at a glance. Everyone can use it without any difficulty.

The inner side of IINA is also evolved. In the 1.0.0 release, IINA encapsulates the latest versions of MPV 0.29.1, FFmpeg 4.0.1 and youtube-dl to make video rendering more efficient.

Intimate Features

When playing video, you can achieve real-time cutting, rotation, speed adjustment and other functions. In the new version, IINA added rich video and audio filters, including sharpen, blur, negative, 3D LUT and so on. You can also add a set of filters as templates to be called directly from the shortcut keys the next time you play.

Another useful feature of the new version is online subtitle search. If the video you are playing has no subtitle, IINA can automatically download a subtitle from or without the hassle.

Intimate Features

In order to do not take up system shortcuts, IINA added the “Edit” menu, and redesigned the shortcuts (example: “⌘ Command – C” changes to “⇧ Shift – ⌘ Command – C”). You can also choose the most familiar shortcut from several presets, or fully customize it.

Advanced Function

With the built-in youtube-dl module, IINA allows you to open online video directly, or you can use Chrome or Firefox extensions to send web pages directly to IINA to play.

The new version also added support for the command line, you just need to open a terminal, perform “ln -s/Applications/IINA app/Contents/MacOS/iinacli/usr/local/bin/iina” command. For example, iina — pip can open a video file in picture-in-picture mode. You can view all the optional commands through iina — help.

Advanced Function


You can download the latest version on IINA’s website or GitHub, or use brew cask install IINA with HomeBrew command.

Evernote vs DEVONthink In-Depth Comparison

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Comparison between Evernote and DEVONthink

DEVONthink and Evernote are all good software for manage notes, but they are different in the design pattern and the way to use it.

This article will compare these two pieces of software in several ways, to help you choose the right one for you.


Evernote syncs all data by default, it is a service rather than a piece of software. Many features of Evernote must rely on server end, such as OCR.

In 2016, Evernote even planned to change the privacy terms to allow their employees to read users’ data to make sure the deep learning models are working normally. However, the plan was canceled under strong opposing voice.

To be frankly, Evernote’s sync feature is good, it is simple, stable, fast. But I won’t recommend you save privacy information in Evernote.

DEVONthink doesn’t sync data by default, if want to sync data, you have to experience a series of complicated steps.

Winner of this round: Evernote

Note Formats

Evernote only supports one format: note. It looks like RTFD rich text, in fact it’s ENML file. Even though Evernote supports video, PDF, audio, voice as the note content, and any file format as an attachment, all files must link to a note.

DEVONthink can create a wide variety of files as notes: plain text, rich text, formatted notes, HTML, Markdown, bookmarks, and more.

What’s more, DEVONthink supports PDF, WebArchive even MS Word, Pages formats, all files stored in DEVONthink can benefit the advanced features, such as search, word analysis, automatic grouping and so on.

Winner of this round: DEVONthink

Data Storage

Evernote and DEVONthink are all useful for a variety of purposes, like credit card bills archiving, emails archiving, academic research, knowledge management, book notes management, etc. DEVONthink supports multiple databases, and Evernote can only use one database.

Evernote’s data files are encrypted, hidden, and private.

DEVONthink’s data fits with the macOS Finder system.

The benefits of multiple databases are:

Suppose that I don’t want to see my credit card bills when I’m doing academic research. DEVONthink’s See Also and the default search feature both only retrieve files from current database, and using multiple databases is a good way to distinguish different scenarios.

Multiple databases also increase the flexibility of management. For example, if I find that a database is growing fast that it takes up too much space, I can move it to NAS under the same LAN without any loss.

Winner of this round: DEVONthink

Smart Recommendation

Evernote’s Context will recommend three related notes based on the current notes, which can even be retrieved from Lifehacker, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch and other media to display relevant content.

The DEVONthink AI is actually two functions:

  • Recommend appropriate places to store files based on their contents (Auto Group and Classify);
  • Find other files associated with the currently open file in database (See Also).

In terms of the actual usage, when there are enough files, the result of Auto Group is surprisingly good. It is hard to believe that this function comes from an app with only over 20 megabytes. See Also works well when a large number of academic documents are indexed and stored.

Winner of this round: Evernote

Note Links

Right-click on a note in Evernote and select Copy Note Link we can copy the note Link and jump between different notes. If the Note is shared, the link is valid among members. If hold Option and right click on the note, select Copy Classic Link, we can Copy the URL Scheme links. But we can’t get links for the attachments.

DEVONthink has similar Copy Item Link feature, besides notes, photos, bookmarks, PPT can all generate Item Link. For PDF files, you can even make a Page Link!

For situations where file attachments are not supported, such as Things, Calendar, you can store the files in DEVONthink and link them to these apps.

Evernote and DEVONthink both generate tables Of Content.

Winner of this round: DEVONthink


Evernote’s support for Apple Script is poor compared to DEVONthink’s. Checking Dictionary with Script Editor we can find that all the functions of Evernote, except Standard Suite, operate on “note” basis, such as searching, tagging, importing, and exporting.

DEVONthink includes five components: Text Suite, DEVONthink Pro Suite, Extended Text Suite, and OCR Commands Suite. DEVONthink Pro Suite covers actions such as manipulating notes, manipulating databases, etc. The Extended Text Suite covers most of the required actions to manipulate the Text in your notes.

Winner of this round: DEVONthink

OCR (Optical character recognition)

Both Evernote Premium and DEVONthink Pro Office have OCR capabilities, but there are differences.

In Evernote, the characters in PDF and images stored in Evernote can be searched but cannot be copied.

While selecting “convert to searchable PDF” from DEVONthink creates a new document with text that can be searched and copied.

Winner of this round: DEVONthink


Evernote Premium costs $96 per year and Business $180 per year. It’s a subscription plan with a free basic account, but limits two devices and 60MB of upload traffic per month.

DEVONthink Pro is $80, and DEVONthink Office is $150. There is no limit on the number of devices a person can use.

DEVONthink to Go costs $15. There is an $8 in-app purchase which can unlock the features such as selective synchronization, PDF annotations, and more.

Winner of this round: DRAW (If you have very limited needs for notes management, you can use Evernote for free. But DEVONthink costs less if you use for over 2 years.)

Note Versions Control

Evernote supports detailed historical versions control.

In DEVONthink we can only use other tools to achieve the same goal, such as using the Keyboard Maestro to periodically run scripts that copy the entire database or a file to a location.

Winner of this round: Evernote

Webpage Clippings

Similar to the synchronization mechanism, Evernote’s web clipping tool has simple logic, while DEVONthink’s web clipping tool is much more complex, but is more flexible than Evernote’s once you figure out what each option does.

Winner of this round: DEVONthink


Most problems encountered in using Evernote basically need to be solved by searching posts in its community.

DEVONthink is well documented. But the Evernote community is so active that it’s easy to identify with problems and get official attention. And DEVONthink has almost no community.

Winner of this round: DRAW

Note Formats
Data Storage
Smart Recommendation
Note Links
Note Versions Control
Webpage Clippings

The Best Windows Screen Saver Maker Software – Ultra Screen Saver Maker

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[20% OFF] Ultra Screen Saver Maker discount coupon code

Ultra Screen Saver Maker is the best screensaver maker for windows. Ultra Screen Saver Maker is compatible with the all famous versions of windows such as Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Ultra Screen Saver Maker has released its latest version that is version 3.4 on 8th of August 2017. Using Ultra Screen Saver Maker, you are able to add images, movies, sound clips, flash enabled animation, any text or images automatically and very easily. By using Ultra Screen Saver Maker, you can make an attractive and professional Screen Saver for your personal computer without having any technical knowledge.

Why Use Ultra Screen Saver Maker

Ultra Screen Saver Maker is a great tool for making any type of screen saver for your home or office personal computer. It is very easy to use as no programming skills are required to use it. You can display photos of your family, friend group, and family, your favorite celebrity on your screen saver. You can also advertise your company logo, products by displaying it in the screensaver. You can also create screensaver based on your website. The content will be updated whenever you update the content of your company website.

Ultra Screen Saver Maker is offering its free trial version. You can use it for free for 21 days. It provides support for various multimedia. It supports various image types such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, and TGA. Ultra Screen Saver Maker also supports MP3, WAV and MIDI audio formats. It supports AVI, WMV and MPEG format video files. It has full support for text messages and Adobe, flash and SWF animation formats. It is compatible with the all popular versions of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Features of Ultra Screen Saver Maker

  • It is Easy to Use
  • It is very easy for any person to use it as it does not require any programming for making a beautiful and professional screen saver.
  • For Personal Use or Home PC
  • The user can use to make the screensaver of their family, friends or favorite celebrity photos for their screen saver and can share it with their friends and relatives.

For Business purpose

Users can display and advertise their company logo and company products in screen saver and share it with the business clients. Users can also create screensaver based on their website.

Whenever they add new content to their website, the content in screen saver gets automatically updated.

Benefits of Ultra Screen Saver Maker

  • Compatible with all versions of Windows
  • It is very easy for the user as it is very User-friendly
  • It supports almost all types of image formats mainly(JPEG/GIF/PNG/TIFF/BMP/TGA)
  • It supports various audio formats such as (MP3, WAV, MIDI)
  • It has support for various video formats such as (AVI, WMV, MPEG)
  • It supports all popular animation formats such as ADOBE, FLASH and SWF formats

Quick Look to DramaQueen Story Development Software

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Quick Look to DramaQueen Story Development Software

DramaQueen is the best story development application. It is the perfect tool for the creation and development of film scripts. It works seamlessly from the very first idea to the final draft of the story. It makes the writing process easier. This story development takes care of professional formatting. The smart import features provide users the summary of all scenes, characters, and settings. It provides the most appropriate way of storytelling.

The DramaQueen story development application is very easy and fast working application that will help you in developing the story and scripts. It collects the idea and continues with the synopsis. This application works according to the international standard. The DramaQueen application development works free of reference based on storytelling knowledge for movies, novels and theatre plays.

Features of DramaQueen story development Application

Here are some features of this story development Application:

  • It helps you in the story development process by developing the synopsis, script or concept of the story.
  • You can easily import your data from any format like PDF, Word, Final Draft, TXT, RTF the DramaQueen story development Application will arrange the data smartly and neatly.
  • DramaQueen story development application can export the text into different available formats like Word, PDF, EPUB, Final Draft, RTF etc.
  • With the help of DramaQueen, you can display and define dramatic characteristics for every step, chapter and scene.
  • Provides full details about each character.
  • Organize your story very effectively and produce the best outcome.

Benefits of DramaQueen story development Application

Some benefits of this story development Application:

  • It works seamlessly between the different texts.
  • It is the best story development application for professionals and for interested beginners.
  • Works on a fair price.
  • Works on the theme what you see is what you get.
  • It imports script smartly and provides a great summary of all scenes, characters, and settings.
  • If the imported script is in the wrong format, the DramaQueen story development application will correct it automatically.
  • Best story formatting tool that works professionally.

The DramaQueen story development application provides you with new ideas and suggestions that make your work more creative. And it helps to make your script more effective.

How to Check If My Password is Leaked

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How to Check If My Password is Leaked

Due to lack of security awareness, option for easy way and other reasons, quite a few people will repeatedly use the same set of account and password, which could be stolen by the hackers who use the method of “collision attack”. For instance, once your Twitter account and password are leaked and the hackers may try it to log on to other platforms such as Youtube, SnapChat, etc.

The collision attack is that the hacker collects the leaked information of the user account and password via the internet, generates the corresponding dictionary table, tries logging onto other websites in batches and gets a series of the user information which is available to log in.

In order to avoid hitting library attacks, it is a necessity to use different passwords when registering on different platforms. But what are we going to do with the passwords already leaked and disclosed on the Internet? The very simple way is to find out these leaked passwords and the corresponding websites or platforms firstly, and then change the passwords. All of this can be easily completed by applying to 1Password.

AgileBits – 1Password developer teamed up with Troy Hunt, which developed and designed Pwned Passwords to collect more than 3.2 billion publicly leaked passwords on the internet, in the database of which allowing users to check out whether their passwords are leaked or not.

Pwned Passwords

The cooperation between 1Password and Pwned this time is going to integrate search leaks directly into 1Password, allowing the user to check out whether his password has been leaked or not without having to paste it in turn on Troy’s Web site. After retrieval, once the 1Password prompts that the password is not secured “Oops, this password was found”, you need to change the password.

1password checker

Currently, this service is available only in the 1Password version and you can execute the following steps:

  1. Log in to your account at;
  2. Open the password safe vault and check the password details; the three buttons「Copy」「Reveal」and「Largr Type」will occur, when the cursor moves nearby the password;
  3. Press the shortcut key Shift + Control + Option + C concurrently and a fourth button is going to arise near the password「Check Password」and click on it to check if the password has been disclosed.

check password leak

Although your password is found in the Troy database and it doesn’t mean that your account has been breached. In that someone else may use the same password as yours. However, the changing of your password to a unique one as soon as possible is strongly recommended.

The 1Password does not transmit your password to a third party in any way and verifies it with the password in the database of Pwned Passwords in a very secure way as well.

Firstly, 1Password operates an irreversible HASH conversion of the password to a completely string beyond recognition, then intercepts the first five characters and sends them to Pwned Passwords. The Pwned Passwords database will send the leaked password starting with these five characters and 1Password operates a local match check. If the result matches, the password may have been disclosed.

1passwork hash check

Currently, this function is only available in the web version of 1Password and 1Password officially declares that it will be integrated into 1Password applications and Watchtower in the days ahead.

MacDropAny – Sync Any File or Folder to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive

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Dropbox is a household name for files and folders syncing needs. If you use this app to sync your files and folders, you shall know that it creates a folder called DropBox for you, and all the files and folders stored in that path will be synced.

MacDropAny - Sync Any File or Folder to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive

What if you want to sync any existed file or folder, but not move them to the specific DropBox folder? You will find that DropBox can’t do this for you. In fact, even Google Drive or iCloud Drive also can’t do this. In summary, all the main-stream file syncing service ask you to put the files to the specific folder.

To those ones who are good at organizing their files, this kind of file syncing service disturbs their strategy. Not to mention the software like DEVONthink, in the new version, it even no longer supports savings its database files in the cloud synchronization folder.

Therefore, there indeed exists the needs for syncing any file or folder in your computer. That’s how MacDropAny borns.

Installing and launching MacDropAny, you will find the interface is simple. Following the on-boarding animation, you only need 3 steps to sync any folder to cloud.

  1. Choose the folder you want to sync.
  2. Choose the file syncing service you are using.
  3. Choose the target folder you want to sync the local folder to, then click “Sync”.

MacDropAny steps

Now I will make an example. Suppose I want to sync the folder “Investment & Financing” and I am using Dropbox.

At first, I need to choose the “Investment & Financing” folder in MacDropAny.

Second, I need choose Dropbox from Sync Services list. From the list, we can figure out that this app supports almost all the main-stream cloud sync services.

Finally, I need to choose a target folder on Dropbox to sync the “Investment & Financing” folder. In the example, I choose “/Users/********/Dropbox/Documents”.

You can download MacDropAny from its official website for free. If you like this app, you can donate to the developer.

How to Open Sketch Files on Windows (Sketch for Windows Download)

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As a trending UI designing tool, Sketch has become a must-have app for UI designers. However, it is only available on macOS. So if you are using a Windows computer, but your co-worker delivers you a .sketch file. That will be a problem.

This is what happens in a real developer team, which has developed the famous icons download website, the Icons 8. The programmers always got a .sketch file from the UI designers but they are using Windows computer, what’s worse, they can’t persuade the designers to switch to Photoshop.

As a result, the programmers decided to develop a tool themselves to open .sketch files on Windows.

So this is how the Lunacy app borns.

Preview Sketch Files

Although Bohemian Studio, Sketch’s developer, doesn’t offer any documentation, Lunacy’s developers still managed to decipher the app.

Whether it is a layer, shape or text, its display is comparable with the original Sketch app.


In addition, Lunacy also provides the grid system and a variety of display adjustments, so you can browse the current file in the most comfortable way.

Another big problem you may encounter when viewing Sketch files on Windows is the fonts. Lunacy prompts the currently missing fonts in the upper left corner, and you can download the fonts by from Google fonts within just one click.

lunacy download font

Editing Features

Besides previewing Sketch files, Lunacy also provides several editing tools. You can add text, shape, picture, etc., you can also adjust the details like element color, transparency, and so on. I believe it can meet most of your needs.

Lunacy Editing Features

Export Options

Finish editing, you need to export the artwork. With Lunacy, you can save the selected element as an image in PNG or SVG format, or export the entire file directly.

In addition, you can also copy the element’s CSS attribute information in one click and apply it directly to the HTML code, eliminating the need for other transformations.


4 Methods to Fix Missing DLL Files Error in Windows with One-Click

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How to Fix Missing DLL Files Error in Windows with One-Click

A DLL error is any error with a DLL file, a sort of file finishing off with the .DLL file extension.

DLL errors can show up in any of Microsoft’s operating systems including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

DLL errors are particularly troublesome in light of the fact that there are such a significant number of these sorts of files in presence, all with the possibility to cause inconvenience. Luckily, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take that have an incredible risk of fixing any DLL error you may have.

1. Looking for help from some technical support websites

These are general DLL error troubleshooting steps. On the off chance that you haven’t as of now, scan for the particular DLL file you’re having issues with. We might not have data for the correct DLL but rather on the off chance that we do, the means there will probably help.

lifewire solves dll errors

Time Required: Fixing a DLL error could take as long as an hour or all the more relying upon the particular error and normally, in spite of the fact that it relies upon the reason for the issue, it’s quite simple to do.

2. Restore DLL files with data-saving software

Most DLL errors come in the “DLL Not Found” and “Missing DLL” shape. The least demanding conceivable reason for a DLL error like this is you’ve erased the DLL file without acknowledging it.

Recouping a DLL file with a file recuperation program is a savvy thought just in case you’re certain you’ve erased the file yourself and that it was working legitimately before you did that.

Run an infection/malware sweep of your whole framework. Some “DLL Is Missing” and “DLL Not Found” DLL errors are identified with unfriendly projects that take on the appearance of DLL files.

Reinstall the program that uses the DLL file. In the event that a DLL error happens when you open or while utilizing a specific program, at that point reinstalling the program ought to appropriately install and enlist the DLL file once more.

Try not to avoid this progression on the off chance that you can help it. Reinstalling the program that gives the DLL file is a feasible answer for any program particular DLL error.

Refresh drivers for any hardware that may be identified with the DLL error. For instance, in case you’re getting a “Missing DLL” error when you utilize your printer, have a go at refreshing your printer drivers.

Here are some recommended tools:

3. Run Windows system updates

Apply any accessible Windows Updates. Many operating framework benefit packs and different patches can supplant or refresh a portion of the several Microsoft disseminated DLL files on your computer.

Play out a repair installation of Windows. On the off chance that the individual DLL troubleshooting exhortation above is unsuccessful, a repair installation of the operating framework ought to re-establish all Windows DLL files to their unique working renditions.

Play out a clean installation of Windows. A clean install of Windows will eradicate everything from the hard drive and install a new duplicate of Windows. In the event that a repair install doesn’t solve the DLL error, this ought to be your next game-plan.

All the data on your hard drive will be eradicated amid a clean install. Ensure you’ve made the most ideal endeavor to fix the DLL error utilizing a troubleshooting venture preceding this one.


4. One-click fix any DLL file missing error

One-click fix any DLL file missing error

Here is an advanced tool which focuses on fixing any DLL file errors, it’s called “ Client”.

With this tool you can find any DLL file with different versions, either 32-bit or 64-bit.

search dll files

Opening the software, you just search the DLL file’s name, then you can download the DLL file then save it to the correct path to solve the DLL file missing error.

install dll to correct folder

Don’t know where to install a DLL file? Don’t worry, you just need to click the “Install” button in the software, then it will automatically install the specific DLL file to the appropriate folder in your Windows.

–> Try this software for free

–> Buy this software: $17.95

How to Use macOS Quick Look Feature on Windows

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QuickLook is a Windows software which brings the “Quick Look” feature to Windows, it’s a free and open-source software which is stored on Github.

You just need to choose the file with a mouse click, then hit space bar on keyboard, then the software will generate the Quick Look for you, just like what you do on macOS.

This program supports images, compressed files, PDF, Office documents, videos, and so on.

How to Use macOS Quick Look Feature on Windows

The Quick Look is a powerful and frequently used feature on macOS, with a click and a space bar, you can check a file without opening it.

Here is the supported files extension names list:

  • Images: .png, .jpg, .bmp and .gif
  • Compressed files:  .zip, .rar, .7z
  • PDF files;
  • Text files;
  • Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Excel (.xls, .xlsx) and PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx) files, requires Microsoft Office software installed;
  • Video files (.mp4, .mkv, .m2ts, .etc)
  • HTML files (.htm, .html)
  • Markdown files (.md)

For other files and folders, it will display a meta information box.


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