8 Apps to Enhance Your Knowledge Management Workflow


We collect a lot of things on the Internet, marked a lot of websites, images and articles, and then think we have the learned them, but it is not so. Here are 11 tools to help you manage your knowledge in a scientific way.


Raindrop is a bookmarklet app with a simple interface, which has no extra buttons. I was fascinated by it the first time I saw it. In addition to the unique design, its functions are thoughtful and complete.

– saves different types of content, such as websites, images, videos

– imports content from the Pocket, Instapaper, Readability, Kippt, Delicious and so on

– supports multiple platforms, and a variety of browser plug-ins

– Pro version provides the backup to Dropbox feature

– offers a number of different topics to subscribe to


Pinterest is a popular social platform for pictures. Users can share pictures and articles from anywhere to their Pinterest profile. It also provides mobile apps and web browser plug-ins.


Paper is an iPhone/iPad painting and note-taking app. You can use it to record your inspiration or to create one. You can put articles, pictures and sketches on the Paper and then modify them.

It can also help you draw a variety of beautiful graphics with rich color palette. When you want to create a Todo list, just slide to left.

You can also highlight objects and drag and drop them, which is a nice touch.


Kindle is an e-book reading app with multi-platform support. If you buy books from Amazon Kindle store, it would be a great reading experience. Different devices can also sync reading progress, the reading experience keeps the same on each client.

In addition to being able to read books, you can also use some third-party tools to push your favorite content to the Kindle, which lets you read whatever you want.


Snagit is probably the best and most powerful screenshot app out there. Although the general function of system’s built-in screenshot can be fully competent, but some times it is a bit weak, such as sliding screenshots, video recording, and so on.

It can automatically change the selected area according to the window which the cursor points to, it also has many other functions like matting, check the history of screenshots, edit, mark, annotate and so on.

Snagit supports both Windows and Mac. It is the most powerful screenshot app I’ve ever used.

If you want to try an alternative, you can consider FastStone.


Pocket is an article collection app. In addition to the simple collection function, Pocket’s biggest highlight is to retype the original web page to a clean layout, tip off the tedious images, ads and patterns.

Its simple design and clean interface make people feel comfortable. Pocket uses the tag to manage different articles, you can also like or archive any saved article.


Evernote is a note-taking app, which is not only supported by multiple platforms, but also has powerful functions. Besides note-taking function, it can also create to-do lists and provide powerful search engine for all notes.

In addition, it also has browser clipping which can rearrange any web page. A recent redesign of the interface has given it additional points, while offering more features in the pro version, it is also a great tool for the team.


IFTTT‘s function is similar to its name, If XXX then XXX. For example, if the weather is cloudy, then send a text message to parents.

Besides that, there are hundreds of services available on IFTTT, which greatly liberates our productivity. There are also thousands of ready-to-use recipes which improves our efficiency in life and study.

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