7 Apps Blow Your Mind


Today, I’ve rounded up 7 more tools for you, all of which are awesome and highly recommended.


Zapier is an automation tool that, like IFTTT, connects two services together.

For example, I post an image to Instagram, it will directly save the image to Dropbox for backup.

This is just one example of the thousands of services that can be connected, which automates your work and increase productivity.

It focuses on the enterprise client and charges for team services.


LanguageTool is an automatic grammar validation tool.

It supports not only English, but also up to ten other languages.

It also supports browser plugins, Office plugins, Google documents, etc. It even provides a desktop version.

By installing a browser plugin, it validates all the typing boxes once you input texts.


VirtualXposed is a tool that enables you to use Xposed without rooting an Android phone.

As we know, Xposed has many auxiliary modules, such as anti-recall, simulated positions, and so on.

It is required to install apps and auxiliary modules in VirtualXposed to activate effective.

To be honest, it’s like a dual-app, with add-ons in it to show off your skills.


RaiDrive is a tool that maps your personal online storage drive to your local hard drive.

It supports mapping to Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, OneDrive, WebDAV, and more.

It is also very simple to use, only need to login account and finish a simple authorization process.

It only supports Windows system.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

WinOptimizer is a great system cleaner app.

It supports one-key computer optimization, disk cleaning, registry cleaning, network cleaning, debris cleaning, and so on.

It also supports disk analysis, performance testing, file shredding, file recovery and more.

It may be said to be powerful, simple operation, anybody can use it without pressure.


Synergy is a free, open source, keyboard-sharing app.

To use it, two computers must be connected to the same local network(LAN), one is to set up as the Server, and the other is the Client.

It allows you to share a keyboard and mouse across multiple computers, especially when you’re switching between different computers. Using it is like a computer with two screens, when you mouse over the corner of the screen, it will run to another computer.

What’s more, It also shares clipboards between multiple computers.

It supports both Windows and Mac.


Downie is a professional video downloading tool.

It supports hundreds of video sites, and you can manually add video urls to download.

There is also support for browser plugins, which allow you to download and browse without having to copy links to the app.

Use it to search for resources, and it will prioritize the best content for you.

It also has a simple mode that makes the interface less complicated to display. There are also grouping features that can be distinguished by video websites and playlists.

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