6 Free Online Apps and Tools to Solve Daily Picture Processing Needs


When working on a computer, we will inevitably encounter the problem of image processing, such as format conversion, compression, cutout, beautification, and so on.

These operations are often relatively simple, but we need to install all kinds of apps, as well as relative time to learn to use those apps, not to mention such tools often charges a certain amount of money.

In fact, you don’t have to. As long as there is the Internet, we only need to open the browser to go to a specific page to be able to carry out image processing!

Here’s a collection of free, easy-to-use online tools that allow you to process images more “lightweight.”


Remove.bg is a popular online image processing tool these days. It is a tool that uses AI technology to train the algorithm to distinguish between foreground and background through a complex machine learning process. In just five seconds, remove.bg removes the background and automatically matting the image.

I tested with the picture of a girl. Remove.bg can indeed separate the figure in the picture from the background within about 5s.

Even in the hairs matting part, it also shows a good result.

If you are not satisfied with the result, remove.bg also provides the “Eraser” tool and manually adjust it yourself. You can also add custom backgrounds like colors or images to your portrait.

According to the website, the machine learning model can only accurately recognize person figure in pictures, and the team is working on other types of objects. It is worth noting that the free version has a maximum size of 625*400, and larger size output and API functions are available only with a paid subscription.

Emoji Mosaic

It’s not hard to see that emojis are integral to social chats today. Emoji Mosaic, a free online tool, shows you how to use Emoji in a different way: using emojis to fill any picture you upload and make it special.

Entering the Emoji Mosaic website, we only need to select the picture to upload. Emoji Mosaic will automatically fill the picture with emojis, and interestingly, the page will also show you the filling process.


Text writers, photographers, designers, and others who want to share content over the Internet have all experienced the problem: images are too large to upload and slow to load.

In fact, this can also be done with online web tools, such as TinyPNG.

According to the official description, TinyPNG adopts the quantization compression algorithm, which can quickly compress images while maintaining a good quality in terms of clarity and color. Currently the supported image file types are PNG, JPG.

However, the free version has a 5MB limit for single images, and you can also buy the professional version if you need. The paid version also supports batch images processing.

Voxelize Image

Pixel, as a kind of interesting and unique artistic creation style, has been highly respected by specific groups, and the three-dimensional pixel will be more interesting! Voxelize Image is an online tool that helps you convert your images to three-dimensional pixel style.

In addition, Voxelize Image also provides a number of parameter settings in the right side menu, such as color, light source, metal texture and so on, allowing you to easily create satisfactory three-dimensional pixel images.


The word cloud map refers to the visual presentation of the “keywords” with high frequency in the text, and the word filter out a large amount of low-frequency and low-quality text information, so that the viewer can clearly see the main body of the data information at a glance.

The word cloud map becomes more and more popular these days. But in fact, many people have tried to imitate, but when they started to work, they found that the production of such graphics is not only time-consuming, but the final result is just so so.

Now WordArt makes it easy to create a cloud map.

After entering the website and clicking “Create Now” to start production, we can input the keyword text first, you can customize the direction, frequency, size and so on. Then select or upload the pattern as the word cloud background to preview.

If you are not happy with the automatically generated images, WordArt also provides tools to help you adjust more details.


The poster design for the sci-fi film “ghost in the shell” introduced Glitch Art to more people.

Glitch art style refers to the graphic style caused by the display equipment’s fault, such as voltage instability, screen bad point and other display error (including color error, graphics dislocation, etc.).

If you want to make photos in this style, you can’t miss the one-click glitch art generator: PhotoMosh.

It is very simple to use. You can directly upload pictures to generate up to 27 glitch art effects, and each of them supports advanced parameter adjustment.

In addition, the generated special effects map also supports static/dynamic/video three formats export, to help you make a complete glitch art works.


Compared with the tools introduced above, iLoveIMG is obviously more powerful. It not only supports image compression and filter addition, but also supports format conversion, watermark and other rich editing functions, which can basically meet the needs of normal users in daily image editing.

Above is the online image processing tool recommended, if you have other tools, also welcome to leave a comment to recommend to us.

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