6 Apps Transfer Files Between Android/iOS Phone and Computer


Even now mobile phone become more and more important in the work and daily life, in many cases we still cannot leave computer, after all, the computer has the incomparable performance advantages. It also brings us a problem, how to make mobile phones and computers play to their advantages, transfer files between each other?

Mac and iPhone has done a good job on this topic, through the “Handoff” and “Airdrop” function you can send files to any Apple device in the same local area network (LAN), you can even send and receive messages, and make phone calls from Mac computers if your Mac and iPhone are registered under the same Apple account.

But for people who don’t use Apple devices, is collaboration between the phone and the computer feasible? The answer is positive, we can still achieve our goals through some third-party solutions.


Pushbullet, for example, is the “ultimate solution” for many Android users to send cross-platform messages and files.Pushbullet supports iOS and Android on the mobile side and Windows on the desktop. Although it doesn’t currently support Mac clients, it can make up for this by installing browser extensions on browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Safari.You can think of each Pushbullet client as a chat App, so you can send files or web links to any of your device via the client.Pushbullet also supports clipboard synchronization, such as copying a piece of text on a computer and pasting it on the phone. However, this function can only be used for a pro account.

Pushbullet’s pro account (about $39.99 / year) allows users to transfer files up to 1GB per file, deal with notifications from mirrored phones, and have clipboard syncing.

Pushbullet has the advantage of cross-platform functionality (file transfer, notification transfer, SMS/call cross-platform, etc.). Of course, there are some disadvantages, such as the file transfer is not point-to-point, the file must be saved to Pushbullet’s server and then download, file size is up to 1GB limit.

Send Anywhere

If you only need to transfer files between platforms and no other features, then Send Anywhere may be your first choice.Send Anywhere is a cross-platform file transfer service available on iOS/Android, Windows/macOS/Linux. It has two functions: instant file transfer and file storage service.

Instant file transfer is very simple to use, the file sender will get a set of six digit verification code, and the receiver can get the file by entering the verification code, then the file began to transfer, and the process is not through the third party servers, two of the clients directly transfer the file point-to-point, so the transmission speed depends on your current local area network quality or the Internet upload bandwidth.

Send Anywhere also offers file storage and asynchronous transfer features, but you need to pay for them.


When it comes to serving on Android phone, the first choice is Join, which is built entirely on top of the Google ecosystem.Join offers a much more interesting cross-platform approach, with Android only on the mobile side and Chrome extensions on the desktop. In other words, you can easily achieve cross-platform collaboration between different devices as long as your computer has Chrome installed. Of course, the Join also offers a Windows UWP client, but it is paid to use.

Similar to Pushbullet, Join provides a complete set of cooperative features, such as notification push synchronization, cross-platform clipboard synchronization and file transfer, which generally meets most cross-platform operation needs.

Join is a premium app that costs $4.99 on the Play Store, with no in-app purchases.


Like Pushbullet, AirDroid also offers complete services, which were mainly aimed at Android devices in the early days (you can tell from the name). Now it also supports iOS, while the desktop side supports Windows, macOS and provides a web side, in other words, its service can be used through a web browser.

In terms of file transfer, in addition to point-to-point transfer, the advanced version also supports folder transfer, as well as offline file storage and download (file size is limited). If anything, the AirDroid doesn’t support cross-platform clipboard synchronization feature.

In addition to file transfer, the AirDroid offers some other features, such as the ability to remotely control the phone from a desktop client, or remotely control the phone’s camera to use as a monitor camera.

AirDroid also offers a free version and a premium version, the main difference is the number of devices limited and some advanced features limited (transfer folder, remote camera, ads-free), while the premium version is available on a subscription basis.

Feem v4

Cross-platform file transfers between multiple devices are sometimes less cumbersome. For example, this application, called Feem v4, offers simple point-to-point file transfers and text-link delivery, just as if you were using chat apps.

Feem v4 is very simple to use. Open the client, find the device on the LAN that needs to receive the file, click send button, and the receiver automatically saves the file. In addition, Feem v4 can also send text and links directly to the local area network like chat apps. When receiving text or links, it can be pasted to the clipboard with one click, which is very simple and efficient.

Feem v4 provides iOS and Android clients, desktop supports macOS and Windows, the only drawback may be that it only supports lan file transfer. Feem v4 also offers a paid plan, which breaks the devices number limitation (less than five can be used for free).

Clip Cloud

In fact, for many of us, the cross-platform collaboration is mainly copy-and-paste synchronization, which is what we call clipboard synchronization — copying text from your phone and pasting it on the desktop.

Clip Cloud is such an app, it only provides the clipboard synchronous function. You can install the app on mobile phones and an extension in the Chrome, then clipboard can be synced across the platforms.

Clip Cloud is a paid app with a $4.99 one-time purchase.

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