11 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Mailbird


For a long time on Windows, you could only count Outlook, Foxmail, Thunderbird, and so on. Now, we have the best mail client on Windows — the Mailbird. Now that mobile apps and Web apps are so convenient, you might ask why a desktop mail client is needed.

In contrast to Web applications, a mail client downloads mail from a server to a local and can process it without a network connection. All operations are done locally and synchronized to the server, and the different network qualities have little impact on the operational experience, resulting in better user experience.

In contrast to the crowded interface of mobile applications, the desktop mail client’s layout is more elegant. The Mailbird, which contains the above features, also has a beautiful interface and exquisite functions, allowing you to easily replace any mail client software you have used before.

Clean and simple interface

The Mailbird is Windows Metro style, with a clean interface and a bezel-less design that allows for more display space for content. In addition to being able to display richer content, the multi-column layout also reduces the number of steps required to switch between levels.

You can change the color and layout of the sidebar in Settings – Appearance, or expand the sidebar to adjust various interface styles.

Rich function

Mailbird supports configuration free addition of mainstream email accounts (Gmail/Hotmail/etc.), multiple accounts can be added to manage emails through a unified inbox. In the Settings screen, you can edit the display name, icon, and reply signature for each account, or enable the utility function of grouping contacts to display messages and limiting the size of automatically downloaded attachments.

Full keyboard shortcuts

Mailbird has shortcuts for almost every common feature. When you hover over the function button, or right-click to display the action menu, Mailbird prompts you for the corresponding shortcut for each function. With a little practice, you can efficiently process all your emails with just the keyboard shortcuts.

In addition, you can:

• click the contact person’s profile photo to view all the current contact’s emails;

• select the attachment and press the space bar to preview the attachment content;

• dragging files to mail to add them as attachments;

• support Win10 touch operation.

Aggregate third-party tools

Mailbird now has more than 20 excellent productivity tools integrated (and growing in number), including Dropbox, Wunderlist, Evernote and other excellent third-party applications.

The integrated third-party tool can be used in depth with Mailbird, such as:

• with Dropbox, you can directly add documents, music, pictures or any attachments you want to add in the email, which will be shared with each other in the form of links;

• you can save your email as a Google Docs document;

• access Evernote information when replying to emails;

• you can also add Sunrise calendar to your email content;

The other one is “attachment”. I don’t know if other clients have this function, but when I used it for the first time, I was shocked:

– You can locate attachments by searching for their file names

– You can filter attachments by setting the minimum size

– You can resize thumbnails to quickly filter attachments

Mails aggregation

One of the cool things about Mailbird is that it automatically aggregates emails from different mailboxes according to the time they are received.

This is a good thing for a mail junkie like me. It’s easy to read all your emails in one place.

Independent reply window

I like this feature very much. It can separate the reply window, so that when writing some long messages or emails with multiple pictures, it will not be limited by the given window size. You can set it as large as you want and put it in any corner you want.

Contactor’s avatar shortcut

Here are two user experience design details I really like, and they work naturally:

1, Hover the mouse over the recipient’s avatar and a series of related actions appear automatically, including:

– Archive

– Snooze

– Reply

– Forward

– Delete

– Star

– Marked as unread

– Marked as spam

2, Click the contactor’s avatar to automatically search all emails related to the contact

This Feature is very awesome! Mailbird can integrate this high-frequency operation into this daily use path.

Most of the time, we’ll need to browse the historical emails of the contact, now we just need to click the icon. While in Gmail, we have to: copy the contact email address – > location to search box – > paste – > enter

A variety of layout

The Mailbird layout is very flexible, and my favorite is the fifth one:

One interface allows you to view all mailboxes + mailing lists + message content, which is also the layout used by many popular mail clients.

What does this flexibility mean? In my opinion, the biggest significance of it is that it can be more “adapted” to your actual work situation.

If you only have one email address, you can collapse the list to the left to make the most of the space on the right.

If your work requires a lot of Trello, use a four-column layout, with Trello on the far right side.

Elegant Themes

Although I don’t have much of a style obsession, I have to admit that the default Mailbird style is pretty good.

Each theme of Mailbird is different from the background picture, and the color of its email title, left prompt text and function icon will also change, which is very harmonious.

Email dialogue

This one isn’t unique to any company, but what appeals to me is the sophistication of it (compared to Gmail).

Gmail way

I still don’t understand why Gmail always defaults to open all messages sent by me, long email conversations (20+ emails) would take a long time to get to the bottom, and the backtracking process is very, very frustrating.

Mailbird way

Here’s what Mailbird does. First of all, when you click on an email, it only shows the full content of the latest message, the summary of the last email and the first email, and all the folding in the middle.

When you click “show 20 earlier messages”, it expands the middle fold into a summary.

This handling of messages is very smooth, and I’m sure it would have been difficult to design such a comfortable interaction without having studied and observed the mail client in depth.

Mailbird honors

I was thinking it is just a small team until I saw the official website. It was rated as “the best email client for Windows platform” almost every year.

Although I don’t use many other email clients, I don’t think the title of “one of the best” is excessive

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